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Breast Cancer – what you really need to know about mammograms, Vit D, Aluminium, Exercise, Omega 3 and 6 and so much more…… this is a MUST watch for all women, all ages…..

Using the Wrong Antiperspirant May Influence Your Breast Cancer Risk

Putting on antiperspirant is a routine part of most people’s day, and you may not think much about it. But here’s why you should: if you use one containing aluminum, you could be increasing your risk of breast cancer.

Antiperspirants work by clogging, closing, or blocking the pores that release sweat under your arms — with the active ingredient being aluminum. Not only does this block one of your body’s routes for detoxification (releasing toxins via your underarm sweat), but it raises concerns about where these metals are going once you roll them (or spray them) on.

Research, including one study published this year in the Journal of Applied Toxicology, has shown that the aluminum is not only absorbed by your body, but is deposited in your breast tissue and even can be found in nipple aspirate fluid a fluid present in the breast duct tree that mirrors the microenvironment in your breast. Researchers determined that the mean level of aluminum in nipple aspirate fluid was significantly higher in breast cancer-affected women compared to healthy women, which may suggest a role for raised levels of aluminum as a biomarker for identification of women at higher risk of developing breast cancer……………………………..

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Why Was This Ancient Spice Given to People Building the Pyramids?

Garlic has a truly astonishing number of health benefits. Green Med Info has assembled studies that list more than 150 beneficial effects that garlic can have on your health.

The studies show that garlic:

  • Inhibits cholesterol accumulation
  • Reduces risk for heart attack and stroke
  • May be effective against drug-resistant bacteria
  • Lessens cadmium-induced liver damage
  • May have protective effects against cancer –  it is a Cancer-Preventive Powerhouse

According to one of the studies linked on the site, garlic may also help fight multi-drug resistant tuberculosis:

“Alternate medicine practices with plant extracts including garlic should be considered to decrease the burden of drug resistance and cost in the management of diseases. The use of garlic against MDR-TB [multi-drug resistant tuberculosis] may be of great importance regarding public health.”

Saffron is another spice making headlines, as there is increasing evidence to suggest that it may be an effective means of managing ……..click here to open rest of article….

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