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Difficulty sleeping seems to affect many people…Here are a few natural alternatives which we find very beneficial…

Valerian Tincture: What can it do for you?
• It has a gentle sedative action on the central nervous system.
• It is anti-spasmodic and works as a gentle muscle relaxant. (It has been known to help with: neuralgia, muscle cramps, intestinal colic, irritable bowel syndrome, period pain and migraine
• It has a strengthening action on the heart and can be used for heart palpitations and high blood pressure linked to anxiety and tension.
• Can help relieve flatulence.
• It can promote a restful sleep.
(Information taken from aromatherapy and natural health)

Sleep Eezee herbal tea: For those who prefer using something that does not contain alcohol. It contains a blend of the following herbs which promote a good nights sleep with no adverse side effects. Wake up feeling refreshed.
• Passiflora (Passion flower leaves)
Properties/actions: sedative, hypnotic, anti-spasmodic, diaphoretic, painkilling
A wonderfully relaxing herb that has been known to bring a restorative and refreshing sleep
• Melissa officinalis: (Lemon balm)
Properties/actions: carminative, nervine, sedative, antioxidant, antiallergenic
It is known to calm and uplift tension
• Mentha: (A variety of mints)
Properties/actions: carminative, nervine, relaxant
It helps to ease tension.
• Matricaria recutita (Chamomile)
Properties/actions: relaxant, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic
It calms anxiety, soothes irritability. It also relieves tension and inflammation in the digestive tract.
(This herbal blend is put together by a South African herbalist and comes highly recommended by myself -Sue)

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