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Lavender, Thyme and Neem…All used in one day and all successfully…

Today has been a day for using a number of our essential oils.

This morning my husband showed me his back…It was RED! He had been gardening yesterday and had done so shirtless and without any sunscreen. Thank goodness for the healing power of Lavender. This is truly an all round healing herb and essential oil. I applied the oil neat to his back. It immediately relieved the burning and prickling sensation. A couple of hours later, the redness had subsided to a degree. More will be applied before bed tonight.

I was busy baking spiced Christmas biscuits today. The delicious smell attracted the troop of monkeys who regularly use our yard as a walk through. They decided to investigate more closely and one little teenager tried to slip into the kitchen. A few drops of Thyme essential oil on a scrap of cloth and hung at the kitchen door soon had the troop moving on to their usual daily routine. (I think that any strong smelling essential oil will work in the same way. It is too strong and pungent for their delicate noses).

After the biscuits were baked, it was time to clean the container, and pots and pans cupboards. To my horror, I found that wood borer had found a home in the corner of the container cupboard. I immediately went and did some research on the marvelous neem oil, and yes, it can relieve us of our unwanted wood-eating guests. The oil was painted straight on to the wood. The smell was very strong to begin with, but the cupboards were left open for a couple of hours and now they can be re-packed.

Life with herbs and oils is definitely an exciting and challenging adventure.

Love and light to you all.


3 thoughts on “Lavender, Thyme and Neem…All used in one day and all successfully…

  1. Sue you did the right thing !. Neem oil is really a gift of nature, if you research more on neem oil , you will see many benefits attached to it. Most importantly, Neem oil is Pure Organic which is safe for humans to use it as a insecticide or pesticide in gardens or farms.

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