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Avoid harsh chemicals…make your own natural creams or get a safer alternative…

Everything that we put on our skin is absorbed and travels into our body and bloodstream. Most face and body creams or lotions have many unnatural preservatives and chemicals added to them. At Essential Herbal Products, we offer you two alternatives. the first one is an almond oil based aqueous cream which contains (Water, Almond oil, Palm oil (Stearic Acid), Cetyl alcohol, Euxyl (preservative), TEA (neutralizer)). These preservatives and neutralizers are a safer alternative to the parabens usually found in aqueous creams.

The second alternative is a cream, which you can make up yourself or order from us. It contains only natural products and is “Good enough to eat”. In other words, will do you no harm. It contains jojoba oil (A natural preserving oil), beeswax, and distilled water (we use a hydrosol, which is the water left over after an essential oil has been distilled).

Pure cream recipe
250ml Jojoba oil
30g beeswax
250ml distilled water/hydrosol of your choice (We used Neroli because of its calming benefits)

Place the Jojoba oil into a double boiler over a medium heat. (a glass bowl in a pot of heated water works well).
Add the beeswax and slowly let it melt. Stir occasionally to aid the melting process.
Do not let the oil get too hot.
Once the beeswax has melted totally, take the oil mixture off the heat and stir well.
Allow it to cool to lukewarm temperature.
Using an electric whisk or hand held blender, start mixing the oil and slowly and steadily add the water mixture.
It will appear to be too “liquidy”, but the more water you add, the thicker the cream gets.
If is still appears to be too soft when all the water has been added, it could be because it is too warm. Allow it to cool and you will have a lovely creamy consistency.
At this stage you can bottle into dark glass jars and store.
This mixture should last a minimum of 3 months outside the fridge because of the ingredients.
If you add any herbal teas to it, the shelf life will be shorter out the fridge and it is recommended to keep in the fridge.

Watch this video from Rickvanman. He demonstrates the process very well. Please contact us if you have any queries.

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