Delicious, spicy herbal teas to warm you up this winter…

Are you looking for some new teas to try? We will be selling these at the House and Garden Homegrown Fair (Weekends only: 30 June, 1, 6, 7 and 8 July). Here is their blogspot. Go check it out and see who else will be there.

Here are the recipes if you would like to make them yourself from home. All the herbs are available from Essential Herbal Products.

Teas for Pleasure

Spiced Chamomile

1 cup chamomile

1 cup corn flowers

¼ cup cinnamon bark, star anise and fennel seed mixed



1 cup peppermint

1 cup Fennel

¼ cup fennel seeds


Spicy lemongrass

1 cup lemongrass

½ cup lemon verbena

1 cup lemon balm

¼ cup cloves and red peppercorns mixed


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