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Fybromyalgia and the benefits of Lavender and Arnica…

Someone we both know well has fybromyalgia and has struggled to find ways to relieve the constant pain. One of the challenges of this chronic condition is that one does not sleep because of the pain, and because one does not sleep, the pain becomes more intense. The more stressed our friend becomes, the more pain she experiences.

Other than dietary changes, which have become essential in management of this condition, she has learnt that there are some aromatherapy oils that are very helpful in relieving the pain and stress levels. This is what she does: –

  • Before bed she has a shower, allowing warm water to ease the pain. She then puts three drops of Lavender 100% pure essential oil onto her warm cloth/sponge and wipes her body down with it. This eases her tension and prepares her for a good nights sleep.
  • If she wakes up during the night with the pain, she has a 50ml bottle of Arnica infused oil, which has 25 drops of Lavender pure essential oil added. This is patted (not massaged) onto the areas of pain, and soon she is able to relax back down into bed and sleep again.
  • It is also recommended that in the morning she shower again and this time, after she has washed, that she put 3 drops of Geranium 100% pure essential oil onto her cloth/sponge and wipe her body down with this. Geranium acts as a wonderful de-stresser while also waking up ones senses.

If you need any more suggestions to help you or a friend with the same condition, please drop us an email and we will do our best to find you the most helpful information that we can.

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