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Tired of the old options for fragrancing your home with essential oils?…Here’s another idea…

Photo0102Choose your ingredients: I have chosen cinnamon powder, clove buds, star anise, and salt as the base ingredient.

Photo0103Add them all to your chosen bowl, If it is the right size, otherwise add them to a mixing bowl to be divided up into smaller containers later.

Photo0104Mix them all together. If you have used a powder spice, your salt will change colour, giving it a warm spicy look.

Photo0105Add your essential oils. I have used our synergistic spicy Christmas blend.

Photo0107Grate some orange zest into the mixture. This gives it a wonderful citrusy smell. The salt will preserve this fresh ingredient, so you don’t have to worry about it growing a ‘suspect green fungus’.

Photo0109Add more salt to bring it up to the required level in the bowl. Insert a tealight candle in the centre, and it is ready for use.

Photo0111When the candle is lit, and as the salt warms up, the delicious spicy scent is released. Voila! You can add another candle when this one burns out, you can add a few more drops of your selection of oils when the smell becomes faint. The options are many. Enjoy!

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