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Do you have high blood pressure?…are you always tired? have headaches?…This may be for you

forget_me_not_by_elegaer1.jpgThe last few weeks have been a difficult time for one of the owners of Essential Herbal Products, and she would like to share some insights and lessons that have been learned.

Our body is a fine tuned, miraculous machine. Most of us (if not all of us) abuse our bodies in some form or other, and yet our bodies continue to function adequately for years and years. Our two families have made many health changes to our lifestyles as we have immersed ourselves in this work. Some changes are easy and others have been more of a challenge. Yet, when we have been sick in a way that we have not understood, we have gone to a general practitioner who has learned the more intricate workings of our bodies, trusting that s/he has the skills to find out what the problem is so that we can help heal ourselves. Yet, when this happened to someone very precious indeed, no one was able to help us. Mis-diagnosis after mis-diagnosis led to the untimely death of this very precious person. Something as common as kidney disease became a killer within three months.

So, here are some things that you should know. Some things that could save your life:

  • pinkpurpleflower.jpgThe kidneys are organs inside the body which help to remove the waste products and water from the body in the form of urine. The kidneys also control the levels of minerals such as potassium, phosphate and sodium to keep your heart muscles working properly.
  • When the kidneys are not working properly, the waste products cannot be removed and they build up in the blood like toxins, and are poisonous to the body.
  • These toxins can cause you to feeil: very ill/nauseous, tired, reduced appetite, headaches, bad breath, confusion.
  • When you go to the doctor, they might find that your blood pressure is very high.
  • At this stage, the doctor SHOULD do the following: Take blood tests for:
    • LDL cholestrol
    • Creatinine level
    • glucose strip test
    • potassium level
    • sodium level
    • urea level
    • and take a urine dipstick test.
  • If s/he does not, you have the right to demand that they be done. As lay people we are not aware of these things and rely on the ones who have supposedly studied medicine and the workings of a body.

antakaran2 If all of the above is done, a person can lead a healthy lifestyle by changing his/her diet, taking the prescribed medication which helps bring down the toxic levels of those minerals mentioned earlier and keeping a close monitor on all the above mentioned levels in the blood.


If you have none of these symptoms, I would like to suggest that  someways to change to a healthier kidney lifestyle include: enough water, healthy food (mainly “real food’ not processed food) and regular exercise.



1 thought on “Do you have high blood pressure?…are you always tired? have headaches?…This may be for you

  1. Remove toxins with a pure castor oil pack over the kidneys. Castor oil soaked in pure cotton flannel, covering from just under belly and above pubic area, and a heating pad to help absorption into the body. Wash the body with a pure non toxic soap after to remove any toxins on the skins surface so they aren’t reabsorbed. Do not wash and reuse flannel (washing chemicals will get absorbed into your skin).

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