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Circulation…How can I improve mine?

blood curculation We have had many inquiries about circulation, so we would like to give some ideas of what affects circulation and what herbs you can use to improve circulation.

Our motto is that prevention is easier than cure.

circulation bloodBad circulation usually comes from two sources, calcium deposits or fatty substances in the arteries. These cause the arteries to lose elasticity, harden and thicken, reducing circulation.

Chickweed, Cayenne and Hawthorne berries are helpful for this condition.

Here is a little more information on the Hawthorne and the Chickweed that you might find useful

hawthornHawthorne dilates the coronary blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, and restores heart muscle. It also decreases fat deposit levels. Caution do not use if you take medication for heart disease.

ChickweedChickweed may lower blood lipids and increase circulation. It is a good source of vitamin C useful for cardiovascular and circulatory disorders.

Chickweed and Hawthorne are available from our stall at Shongweni Farmers Market or from our website online shop.

Ginkgo biloba also improves circulation. And green tea lowers cholesterol preventing fatty deposits.

Eat high fibre foods that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamin E to improve circulation

Maintain a healthy weight

Get regular moderate exercise.

Good luck with your efforts to improve your circulation.

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