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Irritable Bowel Syndrome… also known as Spastic Colon

IBS1Many of us have suffered from this common ailment at one time or another. What happens is that the muscular contractions of the digestive tract become irregular and un-coordinated. This interferes with the normal movement of food and waste material. When this is disrupted mucus and toxins accumulate in the intestine. What often follows is a partial obstruction which results in gas being trapped causing bloating, distension, constipation and pain. Common causes are food allergies ( Gluten and Lactose are common), bacteria and stress.

So what can we offer you to deal with this horrible disorder?
• Milk thistle is the first as it cleanses and restores the liver.
• Burdock tincture which is a powerful antioxidant
• Alfalfa which has vitamin K needed to build intestinal flora
• Marshmallow root to reduce the inflammation in the colon.
• Peppermint tea to relieve the too full feeling and gas
• Valerian tincture at bed time to relieve the stress which aggravates the nerves.
IBS2Or our famous tummy tea which is a combination of herbs which combined, deals with some of the debilitating effects of IBS.

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