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Menopause…How can essential oils help?

Ntombi Herb Pots Artist: Dina Cormick
Ntombi Herb Pots
Artist: Dina Cormick

Menopause is a time of life that many women have been trained to believe is a phase to be dreaded – a phase that brings a person one step closer to old age.
We would prefer to say that it is a phase in the cycle of life and brings with it many lessons as well as exciting changes.

There are some women who advocate turning to HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) to help get them through this time with the minimum of fuss. But the truth is: It just delays the inevitable. Menopause will happen, whether it is now or later.

There are many resources teaching us about good nutrition, which supplements to add to our daily life, and life changes that can ease our passage through Menopause.

What this blog is focusing on is the essential oils that can help ease our symptoms and how we can use them.
geraniumGeranium: (Pelargonium graveolens) A middle note oil which has the following effects: Antidepressant, regenerative, balancing, hormonal. (Use after your shower by putting a drop on your face cloth and wiping over your entire body. It restores a soul weary from lack of sleep)
fennel sweet 2Fennel: (Foeniculum vulgare) A base-middle note oil having the following effects: Helps balance hormonal imbalances, a nerve tonic.
lavender-eo-picLavender: (Lavandula augustifolia) A middle note oil which is known as an all purpose oil. It can have a relaxing effect when sleep is escaping you and it can also be refreshing and rejuvenating during times of low energy. Put a couple of drops of pure lavender on your pillow before bed to help you sleep. Or, put a drop on your washcloth and wipe over your body if you shower at night. Rub a drop onto each side of your temple when you feel heavy and lethargic and you can feel a headache starting. The list goes on and on.
neroliNeroli: (Citrus auranticum amara) A base note oil which has a balancing effect on our hormonal system. It is also known as a nerve tonic and as such is very helpful during those power surges that can be quite disorientating.

This combination of oils are offered as part of a helpful, more natural alternative to the HRT.

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