Living Sustainably…Is this possible in our world of more, more, more…?

sustainable living 3Our lives are surrounded by disposable ‘things’. your washing machine breaks? …dump it! The TV on the blink?…dump it for something bigger, better…! On and on it goes.

We hear the voices shouting for us to be more mindful, to live with our need, not our greed, but we are lured in by the bigger, brighter, more modern gadgets.

sustainable living 2Some of us listen and wonder how we can possibly maker a difference. Sometimes it all just seems like too big a problem for little old ‘me’ to do anything about. But the reality is that we are all responsible for our own little patch of this world. One that we are here so fleetingly on. So how can I live more sustainably? What can I do right here and right now?

The Durban Municipality is giving us an opportunity to be educated and to make the difference. This weekend, starting tomorrow, is the Sustainable living expo. This next section of writing is taken from their website:

Sustainable Living Exhibition 2014

The vision of the EThekwini Municipality is to be Africa’s most caring and liveable City by 2030.  To this end, the Municipality has identified sustainability as core to its business. In order to realise our vision, the idea of sustainability needs to be entrenched in the lives of our citizens, business partners and all those who live, work and play in eThekwini.


sustainable living

The Municipality, through the Imagine Durban project, will be hosting the 5th annual Sustainable Living Exhibition and is inviting all business with sustainable or green products to showcase their products and services at the Exhibition. This is a unique, multifaceted event that showcases everything from water harvesting and energy efficiency technologies to organic gardening and recycling options.
 The event is supported by multiple stakeholders including government, the private sector, non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations and schools who participate in the exhibition.
The Exhibition will be held at the Durban Exhibition Centre from 22-24 August 2014, and will form part of an exciting, week long, Sustainable Living Festival.
The Exhibition focuses on the following broad areas:
  • Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency
  • Waste Minimisation, up-cycling and recycling
  • Water Harvesting and Conservation
  • Food Security and Greening
  • Environmental Advocacy
  • Creative arts
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Social Justice

Essential Herbal Products will be there, exhibiting under the “Health and Wellness” banner. We will be giving you the opportunity to have a sensory experience, seeing the relationship between the herbs and the oils.

It starts tomorrow, Friday 22nd at 9am and ends Sunday 24th at 5pm. Entrance is free, because some things everyone needs to learn. Come and experience something exciting, hopeful and purposeful. The future is most definitely in your hands.


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