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How healthy is our planet?…How healthy is my body?…

carbon footprintPart of our mission statement at Essential Herbal Products is: To make the uses and advantages of natural products available to others. Another part of it is: To reduce our personal carbon footprint. Here is a video which Pedram Shojai and his team have made available for free for a limited time. It is called Origins.

I encourage you to take the time and watch this movie. It is just over and hour and a half long, so watch when you know you will not be interrupted. Here are some quotes which had an impact on me as I was watching:
“As above, so below: The macrocosym and the microcosym are reflections of each other. What we see on a larger scale will inevitably show up on a small scale. We look at the health of our planet in order to understand what is happening in our bodies.”

“Are we hearing the alarm calls or ignoring our natural intelligence?” (Pedram Shojai)

“If you are doing something that damages the ecosystem, you’re directly threatening your ability to live.” (Cliff Hodges)

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