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IBS?… Gallbladder been removed?…This may be for you…

digestionIn today’s world, our bodies are often put under severe punishment with foods that are very hard for us to process. There are many digestive disorders that are brought on by our diet and lifestyle. Here are some stories of customers who won’t do without Tummy Tea in their medicine cabinet.

Customer 1: I came to work feeling really ill. I had been vomiting and had diarrhea all night long and was washed out. My tummy was still not happy and I was off to the loo every hour or so. I asked Christine and Sue if they had anything that could help me and Christine suggested the Tummy tea. She made me a cup there and then and I slowly sipped it through the next hour or so. I started feeling better within half an hour. I took the rest of the packet home and had some more that afternoon. By the next day I was better. I can’t tell you how much this tea helped.

kidney and bladder herbal teaCustomer 2: I had my gall bladder taken out a few years ago and every now and then my tummy plays up and I feel nauseous and normally only feel better after taking it easy and having a sleep. I came into work the other day and was feeling awful. I told my boss and she produced this tummy tea, made me a cup and said we would talk when I was done. Within ten minutes of me finishing the tea my nausea and sore tummy were better. I always make sure that I have a packet of Tummy tea with me.

Our much sought after Tummy Tea
Our much sought after Tummy Tea
This is what goes into Tummy Tea:
African Wormwood, Fennel, Lavender, a variety of mints

Next time your tummy decides it wants to rule your life, soothe it with some of this tea.

Wishing you all a blessed day

Christine and Sue

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