0844590072 or 0834098309 sacredsutine@gmail.com Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 5.00pm in Durban North or Pinetown; Saturday: 6.30-12.30am at Shongweni Farmers Market Stall H11; Sunday and Public holidays: Closed

Let what you love be what you do…Rewarding soul work that puts food on the table and pays the bills…

tincturesToday was a day to have fun and get excited about our work. I took delivery of two stock items, checked up on our tinctures that are quietly brewing and gaining in potency and enjoyed the potent aromatic smoke created by our fresh stock of Frankincense. I have put together some fun “Make your own…” mini classes (Entrance free-just pay for the product used) and later today a customer will be coming to visit to stock up on some of his favourite teas. Yes, life is great when work and joy collide.

lipbalm containersOur new stock of lip balm tubes. I will be making the next batch of the popular Grapefruit and Peppermint lip balm made with pure beeswax and grapeseed oil.

frankincense resinOur fresh stock of Frankincense (Boswelia carterii). This is ground up in a little Jojoba oil and added to our Neroli and Frankincense face cream.frankincense burning It is also used an an incense, and after lunch I burnt a little bead of it on a smouldering coal. It helped to soothe the digestive juices after lunch and brought calm to my mind to help me focus for the afternoon.

myrrh tinctureChecking up on the tinctures is one of my favourite tasks. Seeing the liquid become darker and richer every day as the liquid draws the healing properties out of the leaf, root , flower or resin. This picture is of our latest edition to the tincture family: Myrrh. Excellent to apply to the gums for such issues as gingivitis, bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. It is also a great help for people who struggle with ‘wet’ eczema.

Watch this space for the “mini-classes”, the dates and the products that we will be making.

Lots of love


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