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Happy healthy dogs and birds…It takes more than good food and exercise…

DSC_0785Are you looking for extra herbal support for your dog, horse, or caged birds? We now have available a set of tinctures containing good quality herbs, grown according to organic principles.

The tincture method is an effective method of taking and assimilating herbs. The herbal extract enters the blood stream rapidly and is easier to use  than herbs in other forms by simply  adding to water or to their food. Live-concentrated tinctures have none of the disadvantages of fresh or dried and powdered herbs as the active ingredients are preserved in the alcohol/aqua mix.



These are very effective. I have used the Devil’s Claw on my older dog, Jessie. It eases her arthritic pain.

healthy dogsThe Be Calm has been used on my rescue dog and he is a very hyperactive, sensitive dog who acts up when stressed or unsettled.

The other tinctures in this range include: Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, Cancer support and Parasite cleanse.



Birds adapt quite well to a few drops in their drinking water. There are herbal combinations such as caged birdsDigestive tonic and flora builder, General tonic blood and circulation, Infection buster, Liver tonic and Parasite cleanse.

Each bottle is 50ml and sells for R60. We keep a set with us at market, or you can collect from Durban North.

Have a great week.

Lots of warm hugs

Christine and Sue


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