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Yay it’s Spring!…Ugh it’s Spring…!

Yay! Spring!I love Spring

Ugh Spring!Allergic to spring

We all have different reactions when the seasons change, and for many, the coming of Spring brings on the allergies which were happily silent during Winter. Out comes the allergy medication and we live our lives in a daze.

Violet leafThere are some natural remedies which we have found very helpful. For me (Sue) it is the pollen and the new grasses. The one day I was complaining about feeling awful and high on allergy meds…Chris suggested I make a tea using our Violet leaf (Viola ordorata). It worked! What a relief! Within half an hour I could feel the difference. The headache started lifting and I could breathe!

Not everyone wants to drink a herb and would prefer to use a topical application or clear their nasal passages using a steamer. Once again, because a large portion of Spring has in the past been taken up with sneezing, headaches and stuffy red-rimmed eyes, I have been using a Sinus decongestantnumber of essential oils diluted in carrier oils-rubbing them on my face and on my feet. The final synergy mix of essential oils that I have found to be very helpful are: Niaouli, Melaleuca viridiflora (Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant), Camphor, Cinnamomum camphora (a mild antiseptic and analgesic) and Thyme, Thymis vulgaris (anti-inflammatory, antiseptic). The pure blend of essential oils can be used in the bath, a burner, a head steamer, or just in a hanky or on your sleeve to breathe in as required. The roll-on is mixed with Grapeseed oil and can be applied directly to the sinuses and under the nose or onto the feet and gently massaged in.

May we all enjoy this beautiful Spring time.

Much love, light and laughter

Sue and Chris


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