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Another DIY Christmas activity…I had fun…something to do with the kids during the holidays!

A few months ago, I saw an activity on the internet. A blogger transformed some tea-light candles into a thing of beauty. They were stunning! Well, I tried to do the same…They didn’t turn out quite as beautiful as hers, but what fun doing them!



A while ago, I was gifted with a mini oven… So convenient and it saves on electricity… Bonus! I chose to do my zooshed up candles in this oven so that I could keep my eye on them.

20151117_132642Choose a good quality tea-light candle so that they will last for a few hours. We don’t want our beautiful creations to burn out in an hour!

20151117_132815I tried to colour mine naturally with the following ingredients: charcoal, turmeric, paprika, hibiscus flower.20151117_134638And then popped them in the oven at a medium heat. I didn’t want the wax too hot, just melted. If it gets too hot the wick can’t stand up and it makes the decorating messy.

20151117_135714When taking the candles out of the oven, make sure you hold the oven tray as level as possible, otherwise the wax spills out.

Mix the candleRedistribute whatever you infused with the candle. As you can see, the turmeric remained as powder. So did the charcoal.

20151117_140259Ensure the wick holder is centred in the container.

20151117_140235Add the essential oils. I added Frankincense and Myrrh to the one…

20151117_140615Spicy Citrus to another…this one also has a clove, a piece of cinnamon bark and the yellow colouring of turmeric.


Christmas Tree to a third (Pine, Cedar-wood and Juniper berry)… and

20151117_140701Ylang Ylang, for a little me time, to the fourth.

20151117_141553Finally I added the decorations. These were left over from my teaching days, but this is where you can bring your special bling to the table. Little gems (Amethyst, rose quartz…), pieces of Frankincense and myrrh resin, pieces of orange zest, cinnamon bark, cloves… whatever you want.

Have fun and let us know how yours turned out. Post your pics on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/essherbprod), or our Instagram (essentialherbalproducts). We would love to see them.

Lots of love and health

Sue and Chris

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