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This one’s for the man who is serious about his health…Naturally…

collageJune is men’s health month with men’s health week being in the week prior to father’s day. We choose the beginning of the month to focus on some of the issues, and this will be followed up next week with issues of stress and mental health.

Heart health:

We all feel the stresses and strain of life, and for men the strain is often taken by the heart. Heart disease and heart related deaths are the seventh greatest cause of death in South Africa. Most heart related diseases are said to be caused by lifestyle choices such as food choices, alcohol, smoking and lack of exercise. Slowing down is essential for those who already have a cardiac problem. It is usually the man who appears to have everything under control who develops a problem with his heart and it comes as a surprise to himself and everyone around him.

hawthornHawthorn (Crataegus) is widely regarded as a safe and effective treatment for the early stages of heart disease.

Liver health:

The liver is one of the most crucial organs in the body, quietly helping with digestion, synthesising proteins and neutralising poisons of whatever abuses we subject our body to: smoking, alcohol, junk food… Only when three-quarters of the liver cells are damaged will it cease to work. One will generally only have a feeling of not being 100% well, or have indigestion, or one may lose weight…

Milk thistleMilk Thistle (Silybum marianum) protects the liver from toxins and pollutants by preventing free radical damage. It also stimulates the production of new liver cells. It also protects the kidneys and is good for the gallbladder and adrenal disorders.

Prostate health:

A healthy prostate supports healthy urinary tract flow and a healthy sex life.

stinging nettleStinging nettle (Urtica dioica) acts as a diuretic and tonic. It helps strengthen the prostate and is good for benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Skin and hair health:

Picture2Beards: A beard in good condition, shiny, healthy and well-groomed, looks great; but a dull-looking, bristly, patchy one looks scruffy and feels horrible. Essential oils diluted in a conditioning medium are extremely useful during the growing period, and also make a good conditioning treatment for the beard that is already grown.

 A suggested conditioning formula:

20ml Sweet almond oil

10ml Jojoba oil

10drops Rosemary

5 drops Lavender

5 drops Eucalyptus

10 drops Lemon

While your beard is growing, apply some conditioning oil around the beard area once a day, massaging in well and wiping off the excess.

If your beard has already grown, use the oil as a conditioning treatment by massaging it into the beard and skin before taking a bath. Wash it off afterwards using boiled, cooled water.


A conditioning shaving balm:

80ml Shea organic butter

80ml coconut oil (Cold pressed)

40ml sweet almond oil

20ml jojoba oil

15 drops essential oil of your choice (Some suggestions: Lavender, lime, rosemary)

Mix together using a blender. Store in a glass container.

And finally, we wish all men a healthy, happy life. Take control of your health, it truly is in your hands.


Christine and Sue

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