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Father’s have a special place in their child’s life…Staying present amid the stresses and strains of modern life…

father and child collageFather’s day is always one of mixed emotions for me. My dad passed away when I was a young girl, and I remember every year how excited some of my friends became as they decided how they would surprise their father on Father’s Day. Then I got married to a man who took being a father very seriously. He had two beautiful daughters and loved them the best he knew how, always making time to chat with them and discuss very deep issues as well as very silly fun topics. Christine had a very close relationship with her father, and her husband is a caring loving father and grandfather.

I tell you all this because each of you will have your memories, or lack of them when it comes to your own father. One issue that Christine and I have been made very aware of when chatting with dad’s at our stall at Shongweni Farmers Market, is that they very much want to know how they can be more present when they have so much pressure from work, and then have to come home and be present to their wife and their children. Very often we hear how they would prefer to just get that beer and plop down on the couch and zone out, or go for a run, or out with friends, and now they have to be fully focussed on their child or children.

Well, we have thought long and hard about this, and it is true that we all need time out, and we all should have pockets of down time to recharge our physical and emotional batteries.

These are some things from our herb and oil world that we think may be helpful:

RelaxingRelaxing tea:
This tea contains four herbs which are all known for their calming, mildly sedative properties. Coming home and making a cup of relaxing tea before which may help your spirits to be revived and your emotions to be calm.

Stress buster phStress Buster:
This is a powdered herb and may be more suitable for dads who aren’t really into their tea. It contains lavender, lemon balm, Passiflora, valerian and oats. These herbs have been used with good effect to help decrease stress and anxiety, muscle spasms, exhaustion, feelings of aggression and nervousness.

Ginger essential oilGinger pure essential oil:
Our sense of smell is powerful and the aroma of an essential oil can directly affect everything from our emotional state to our physical well-being.
Ginger oil when inhaled is said to bring courage. It is also said to help endow one with physical energy which at the end of a long hard day may be just what you need.

Thank you for spending this time reading this blog. We wish all fathers a very happy father’s Day, and may your children enjoy every moment of your focussed presence.

With love
Sue and Christine

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