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Maintaining a Healthy Mental State…Naturally…

ylang-2July is Mental Health Awareness Month here in South Africa, and we are going to keep this as our focus throughout this month. Both herbs and oils can play a large role in stabilising moods which in turn plays a great role in helping us to cope with those curve balls that life has a habit of throwing our way.

Most times we are able to cope with day to day challenges that come our way, but there are times when things can get too much; when it seems to us that events and issues are overwhelming.

Flowers Floating in Herbal TeaEvents such as moving, changing jobs, losing a loved one or children leaving home happen to most of us at some stage in our lives, and sometimes they happen all at once, or in a short space of time. Our nervous system takes a knock as we try to deal with everything on a physical level, often forgetting the mental and emotional turmoil that is going on at the same time. If we continue to cope on auto-pilot, we may find that we become angry easily, or cry for no reason. We may find ourselves not wanting to socialize, or struggling to get out of bed in the morning. Often times we will eventually come out of our depressed or anxious state naturally, but the more often our body, mind and spirit takes a knock, the harder it gets to shake ourselves out of it.

PassifloraSo, during this month we are hoping to share with you a few ways to help yourself on a day to day basis.

For example, Christine and I are working long hours at the show and when I get home I struggle to switch off. My brain races through the day for an hour or two which means I become a little sleep deprived. To give myself a little help, I make a cup of the relaxing tea which contains herbs such as lemon balm and Passiflora, both known for their calming, sedative properties. Then, a drop of Ylang Ylang on the pillow helps to bring me down from the excitement of the day.

Til next week… Keep warm and stay well.

Lots of love

Sue and Christine

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