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Helping to keep our bones strong through…Food, Herbs and Exercise…

bones-and-joints-2As a woman in my menopausal years, I am very interested in keeping my bones as healthy as possible in the most natural way possible. In many of the books I have read, one thing that has been of prime importance is to note that minerals are vital for bone health. Bones are made up of high quantities of calcium, but did you know that too much calcium will make ones bones brittle and prone to cracks and breaks? It was explained in this way: Imagine a piece of chalk dropping to the floor…What happens?…breaking-chalk It breaks into pieces. Most of our foods are rich in calcium but low in magnesium which is needed in order for the calcium to be absorbed.

Dr Christiane Northrup, in her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom suggests some ways in which we can look after the health of our bones.

What we eat is very important and it is suggested that we have a whole food plan of eating. Please note I did not use the word ‘diet’. This four-letter word can cause most of us to spontaneously combust with anxiety. Whole foods are foods as we were intended to eat them-without preservatives, chemicals or having been artificially altered through genetic modification.

stinging nettleHerbs such as Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) and Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) are rich in minerals and vitamins. A mug of stinging nettle tea that has been steeped for as long as possible will help all those lovely minerals to be leeched into the hot water. This can be had at room temperature. It does not need to be drunk while steaming hot.  alfalfaAlfalfa also contains phytoestrogens which have been known to help smooth out hormonal fluctuations which can lead to bone issues. This you can take in the powdered form and it can be added to soups, smoothies or just a quarter teaspoon a day placed on the tongue and swallowed with a glass of water.

runningWeight bearing exercises such as walking, cycling or weight lifting also help with bone density.

This is just a fraction of what you can do to help keep healthy bones. Join us next week as we take a quick look at stronger, suppler joints through herbs and exercise.

Lots of love

2 thoughts on “Helping to keep our bones strong through…Food, Herbs and Exercise…

  1. Hi I just want to find out if you stock the Nettle herb in any form. And if you do will you have it available tomorrow at the Farmers market
    Many thanks

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