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Exams…Stress…Anxiety…Where can you find natural help?

This time of year is very stressful for learners-no matter what your age. At the Sustainable Living Exhibition this weekend, we had a number of learners come and ask us what we would suggest to help them to relax in order to study (Matric Trials are being written at the moment). There are also older students studying to become therapists, or at DUT and ‘Varsity who are feeling overwhelmed, tired and stressed as exam time approaches.

We need to remind you that learning, de-stressing and focussing needs a holistic approach which includes correct eating, enough rest, adequate exercise and supplements, including herbs. Our senses also respond well to various scents, sounds and temperatures. We have attempted to simplify all the information and give you a summary of what could be of benefit to you at this time.


Whole foods are the most effective brain food that you can eat. Eggs and fish, especially sardines, contain a nutrient called choline which together with vitamin B5 is turned into the chemical acetylcholine which improves ones memory. Add a good multivitamin to your daily routine (Especially the B vitamins) as well. If you are vegetarian, supplementing your diet with Lecithin granules can give you the choline that you need.


Moderate exercise is all you need. Get up from your desk every now and then and take a 10 minute walk to give your body and mind a rest. Walk outside, in the fresh air.


Are you getting enough sleep? During times of study and exams, getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night helps your brain to assimilate what you have learnt during the day. It will also ensure that you are fresh and ready to write the exam.

If you struggle to sleep, there are a couple of herbal supplements that can help:

Valerian Root tincture can help you to get to sleep more easily. Just 40 drops in a little water before bed will help you sleep. 20 drops will help you to feel less anxious if you struggle with exam anxiety (without making you feel sleepy).

Sleep Eeze herbal tea when taken half an hour before you want to go to bed can help you sleep through the night with no side effects the next morning. You will wake up fully and feel better for the good sleep.

Essential oils to help you focus while studying:

Rosemary helps to enhance proscriptive memory which means it helps you to remember what you have learnt.

Basil helps to improve poor memory and relieve fatigue

Cypress helps to improve concentration.

Peppermint helps to wake up the mind, focus your senses, and improve your memory.

We have formulated a blend of oils called Be Focussed which contains some of these oils as well as others. It is in a roll on form and can be taken with you into the exam room and rubbed onto your pulse points and under your nose for you to have the benefits when you feel your energy and focus straying. Another roll on formula which may be helpful is Be Less Stressed which contains a blend of essential oils which are known to help ease mild stress and anxiety.

Another herbal supplement which you can take is Ginko Biloba which has been used for thousands of years in the East to enhance memory. You will find this in your nearest health shop.

There is so much more that can be written on this subject, but for now this will be a good place to get started.

We wish you all the best as you prepare for your final exams for this year.

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