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Do you want to avoid antibiotics this winter?…Would you prefer to strengthen your immune system?

There are so many herbs and essential oils that contain immune boosting chemicals. Here are just a few that we would like to mention this week.

Colds and flu tea (Loose leafed dried herbs)

Colds and Flu (Loose leafed dried herbs)

A combination of herbs that promotes relief from many symptoms of a cold or flu. It contains Yarrow, Mint, Gotu Kola, Thyme, Lemongrass and Catnip. Some of these herbs may help to relieve headaches, reduce temperature, promote sweating and can reduce inflammation. For all of us in EHP this tea is our first call when we feel the sniffles coming on.


Echinacea tincture

Echinacea Tincture

The echinacea herb has been known to help with coughs and colds in their early stages. It is also used by many to bolster their immune system.


Medieval Thieves dropper, roll on and spray.

Medieval Thieves

The chemicals which are found in this wonderful blend of 5 pure essential oils have been known to be antibacterial and antiviral, thus giving it the potential to sanitise the air around us. The dropper bottle is best used in the bath, a diffuser or a steamer. The roll on can be rolled onto the soles of the feet , on the chest and even under ones nose. The spray can be used as a room and hand sanitiser. When Sue worked at a pre-school, the children caught colds very quickly from each other and eventually the teachers would succumb to the chills as well. Sue took the room and hand spray to the school and the teachers used it on their hands between helping the children to blow their noses and wipe their faces. We also sprayed the rooms before the children entered in the morning and again once they left. We were able to reduce the amount of teacher “Casualties” and the number of repeat infections of our children. Sue always has a Medieval Thieves in her home.

Sinus Decongestant dropper and roll on.

Sinus Decongestant

This little blend of pure essential oil is very popular and is used by people who struggle with seasonal hay-fever and sinus, as well as people who have the more chronic rhinitis. It contains Niaouli, Thyme and Rosemary. Both Sue and Chris have found this blend very helpful in reducing nasal passage inflammation. We put some of the roll on oil on our little finger and rub it inside our nose. Some of our customers have reported that by diffusing the dropper oils in their homes, they have felt a great improvement in their breathing. Some customers add it to the sauna water to good effect.


These are just a few of the herbs and oils that are helpful at this time of year with the change of season and the coming of winter.

Have a blessed week.

Much love

Sue and Chris

1 thought on “Do you want to avoid antibiotics this winter?…Would you prefer to strengthen your immune system?

  1. Modernity has made us forget the great herbs that kept society healthy for thousands of years. A blog like yours educates a few people in medicines that are natural and utmost devoid of side effects. Thanks you for the blog and keep up the good work

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