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Acne a problem?…Some helpful hints…

For many young people, acne is a real problem. We are often asked what is needed to help remedy the situation. Her are a few tips that we have been able to gather. We have put it into point form to make it easy for you to reference. Are there any other points that you would add? We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Stop all wheat. Wheat is an inflammatory substance that aggravates the skin.
  • Stop all sugary drinks. Do not substitute with sugar free as they’re just as bad, if not worse.
  • You can have occasional chocolates or sweets. (No bingeing)

Daily Skin Care and Cleansing:

  • Wash face with real soap. No acne products as they are too harsh. Himalayan soap has herbal products, which are very good.
  • Put a drop of lavender in the rinse water as it will soothe the skin.
  • If you can afford it, go for a monthly facial which will eventually remove the blackheads and deep infections.
  • Keep hands away from the face. If she feels the need to poke, go to the bathroom, wash hands thoroughly, dip a needle into tea tree and prick the pimple. Gently press using bits of cotton wool between the fingers.
  • Spritz during the day with witch hazel, tea tree and lavender.
  • Do not use sunscreen. It is harsh for the skin. Rather use zinc ointment mixed into a good face cream.


  • Chasteberry will help, but takes 3 months to show improvement.
  • Echinacea will help the immune system to cope
  • Zinc tablets every day

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