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The Magic of Glycerites…Of What?…

Glycerine is used to make an herbal extract (called a glycerite) instead of alcohol (called a tincture). This is a popular alternative for children’s tinctures and for people who don’t like alcohol. People with stomach or duodenal ulcers are also advised to avoid alcohol, and so glycerites would be more beneficial.

Some interesting information: Glycerine is technically an alcohol. It is formed through the hydrolysis of oils or fats, usually animal or vegetable. Our glycerine is vegetable based. Glycerine was discovered in 1789 and was a by-product in the production of soap or candles. Its medicinal uses were discovered much later, in the mid-1800.

Glycerine is fairly viscous and very sweet. It is very stable when it is undiluted. But in order to make an effective extract, it needs to be diluted with purified water. This makes it less stable than an alcohol tincture and therefore it has a shorter shelf life. We suggest that it be used within a year. Tinctures can last up to 5 years.

Glycerine extracts are about 60% as efficient as alcohol based tinctures and therefore should be dosed at 0ne and a half to two times the dosage of tinctures. If a tincture calls for 15 drops, the glycerite (non-alcoholic tincture) would be dosed at 22 to 30 drops.

Some personal stories of glycerites and how they work.

Sue prefers to take herbals without alcohol. Sometimes it is unavoidable as we don’t yet have glycerites in certain herbs. But when possible she chooses the non-alcoholic extracts.

About 2 months ago, she had a cold with a persistent cough. She put 10 mullein drops under her tongue 4 times a day. This relieved her cough and within 2 weeks her cough was gone.

A couple of weeks ago, she felt a cold coming on and so started Echinacea drops, doing the same routine, but more glycerite: 30 drops straight in her mouth 4 times a day. A week later and all symptoms of a cold have gone. She will continue taking the Echinacea until the bottle is finished.

Sue’s brother Brad is using the Hawthorn glycerite to support the health of his heart. Our dad had heart failure at a very young age, and our mother has a pace maker after enduring many years of angina. He takes 30 drops in a little water twice a day.

What Glycerites (Non-alcoholic tinctures) do we have in stock at the moment?

Chamomile, Dandelion Root, Echinacea, Immune Boost, Hawthorn, Milk Thistle, Mullein, Olive Leaf, Sutherlandia, Valerian.

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