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A Fragrant Holiday Journey…

It is almost holiday time which brings to memory delicious smells coming from the kitchen: cinnamon cookies, spicy citrus syrup oozing out of fruit cakes. Then there is the smell of real pine trees in local garden nurseries as they replant into pots ready for the Christmas season.

To get you into the Holiday mood, try our synergy oils created especially to evoke these memories as you burn them in your diffusers or dab onto beautiful ribbons to hang at your open windows.

Our Spicy Citrus contains Sweet orange infused with cinnamon and clove. I drop a little in hot water and place in the kitchen. It creates a warmth in my soul and delicious Christmas memories.

The Christmas Tree blend contains Pine, Cedarwood and Cypress, all reminiscent of walking through a forest in the Natal Midlands, feet crunching on pine needles. I find that this blend works well when dropped onto pretty ribbons and tied at open windows. Your home can be transformed into a fragrant circle of fresh and woody notes.

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