Self Love and Self Care

February, the month of focusing on Love: Love between, Love amongst and Love within. Some say that it is all too commercialised and sugar coated. There is definitely truth in that… Others say that it puts so much pressure on couples and if expectations are not met, it can cause a lot of pain. Yes, this is also true… Still others say that it is very painful for people who are not in a relationship to have all this hype shoved in their faces. Well, this is where I would like to give you an alternative viewpoint… What if…

We took our tired, jaded selves and spent a little time nourishing body, mind and soul. I decided to take my own advice and all I can say is…Yes, it’s worth it.

Body: Some delicious Hibiscus flower iced tea with added lemon and lime. Filled with Vitamin c and a natural anti-oxidant, this delicious blood red drink also acts as a mild sedative, soothing anxiety and calming those shattered nerves.

Mind: A lit candle, a luke-warm bath because it’s the height of summer and a hot bath would just not do (Yes, I’m lucky to still have a bath in my place) and My Valentine oil added as a bath oil. Geranium and Patchouli to soothe and calm the racing thoughts and bring some clarity back to my mind. The Grapeseed and Jojoba carrier oils nourishing my skin which in turn calms my mind (Because it’s preventing dry and patchy skin).

Spirit: Taking time out to nurture myself and use our own products which we know are ethically grown and sourced are nurture for my Soul.

So, after two weeks of hectic running around on the business side of Essential Herbal Products, it has been a pleasure writing this blog on my February choice of Self-love and Self-care.

Til next week…

Much love, light and harmony Between, Amongst and Within



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