Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement:

EHP seeks to provide people with natural herbal products and education that will enable them to lead conscious, abundant and holistic lives.

  1. Maintain Essential Herbal Products as a holistic, ethical, sustainable, ecofriendly and relevant business.
  2. Focus on the health and wellbeing of the body, mind, and spirit of ourselves and our customers.
  3. Remain steadfast in our endeavour to ensure that our products are obtained from a botanical source and are 100% pure and natural without any additives or chemicals. Of course, quality and authenticity always come at a price.
  4. Maintain an eco-friendly company that is conscious of, and contributing to, reducing our own carbon footprint.
  5. Provide the customers with online and face to face opportunities to access the resources, skills and raw materials to make their own products.
  6. Encourage and foster abundance by: Attracting and educating customers throughout the world, who want to live naturally and not be dependent on synthetic chemicals.
  7. Continue to develop a thriving business with a regular, large customer base made up of: happy customers sourced from the market, fairs, internet and word of mouth. Use innovative ideas to ensure a thriving business that is always moving forward with products, customer service and knowledge.
  8. A financially successful business because our branding stands for quality and would be the preferred herbs and oils in the market place. Our brand would also stimulate interest in natural holistic living and reliable, helpful information on the uses and advantages of natural products to the public.

Vision Statement:

EHP is a creative working partnership, developing reliable innovative quality products which are ethically sourced and in the main organic. The partners strive to communicate and deliver focused, consistent, informed, authentic service and education from an environmentally friendly workspace through social media and community involvement.