OrangeThe soothing oils can be used as massage oils, but you can apply them yourself. The Arnica and Lavender was produced because a friend of mine was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The pain became unbearable, especially during the night. she would get up and rub the oil on her painful joints and she would soon be able to get to get back bed. The soothing leg massage was developed when a fellow teacher of mine discussed with me how painful her legs and feet became during the day. She had to walk to the bus stop every morning and evening, and then she was standing washing and cleaning the house most of the evenings and weekends. This oil proved very helpful because she could rub it on any time of the day or night and then get on with whatever she was doing at the time.

Both these oils are tried and tested and well loved.

Arnica and Lavender: 50ml

Uses: Joint and muscle pain

Contents: Arnica infused oil, Grapeseed oil, Lavender pure essential oil


Soothing leg massage: 50ml

Uses: Aching legs and feet’ aching muscles

Contents: Arnica infused oil, Grapeseed oil, Devil’s Claw Tincture, Lavender and Ginger pure essential oils