Cleaning productsAnne Medlin, in her helpful little book, Natural Cleaning Made Simple, gives some helpful, easy recipes for cleaning our bathrooms. I don’t know about you, but I dislike a dirty bathroom and toilet area and am so fussy about squeaky clean toilet bowls and shower doors. I am often tempted to use a powerful thick bleach in order to get this done. But, there are some wonderful recipes for natural cleaning products. They may need a little extra elbow grease, but it gets the job done beautifully and you will have contributed to keeping our water system a little healthier.

So, here are just 2 simple yet effective recipes that the author shares:

All-purpose cleaning spray
3 cups water
½ teaspoon Washing soda (Carbonate soda-you can buy it at the hardware store-it’s called soda ash and is used in swimming pools)
1 Teaspoon Castille liquid soap
5 drops of your favourite essential oil (My suggestions: Thyme and Lemon)

Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle.
This mixture can be used to clean the sink, counter tops, cabinets, bath, shower, toilet and mirror
If you would like a little more disinfecting power, add 1 tablespoon of medicinal alcohol (You can find this in your pharmacy-I think it is called isopropyl alcohol-but ask your pharmacist)

Toilet bowl cleaner:
toilet bowel reactionIngredients:
1 cup bicarb (Bicarbonate soda-look in the baking aisle of the grocery store)
1 cup vinegar
5 drops Thyme or other strong antibacterial essential oil

Turn off the flow valve to your toilet. Flush a couple of times to make sure the water in the toilet bowl is totally drained.
Sprinkle the Bicarb in the bowl, covering as much of the surface as possible. Pour the vinegar into the bowl, over the bicarb. These two ingredients create a chemical reaction which I enjoy watching every time.
Once the explosion has settled, add the essential oils and allow the mixture to sit for 10-15 minutes.
Scrub the bowl with your toilet brush, turn the faucet back on and flush the mixture away. The result is a clean, shiny toilet bowl.

Have fun making these recipes.

Much love

Sue and Christine


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