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Essential oils and your new born…

newborn babyYou are pregnant and want to find out more natural ways of looking after your new baby, or you have a new born and are looking for more natural products to use on baby’s skin or in his/her nursery. We have compiled the following information for you.
New born babies are very sensitive to smells, and their skins are very sensitive. For this reason, we do not recommend any essential oils on your baby’s skin for the first 2 months of his or her little life. At this early stage, we recommend that you use Sweet almond oil as a moisturiser and a barrier between baby’s soft skin and his/her nappy. we would also recommend a natural aqueous cream, for bathing baby, which contains pure vegetable ingredients. In other words-no parabens or mineral oils.
You may want to clean up the air in baby’s room and make it smell good. We recommend lavender pure essential oil for its antibiotic, antiseptic, disinfectant and slightly anti-viral properties.
If baby is not sleeping well, use 1 drop of chamomile Roman
How much oil do I use in baby’s room, and what is the most effective method? The most gentle and effective way is to allow the molecules of the essential oil to evaporate and circulate through the room. An easy way to do this is to place a bowl of steaming hot water (500ml) on the floor of the room. Add 1 drop of the lavender essential oil to the water. this will rise with the steam and permeate the room, cleaning and freshening as it evaporates.
If you wish to use a diffuser (with tea light candle) in the room, place one drop of the oil into 250ml water. Mix the water well and pour some into the bowl of the diffuser. This will be plenty for the room.
Enjoy your newborn. We will follow this article up with essential oils for your baby.

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