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Neem oil pesticide recipe
1. Purchase organic Neem Oil from Essential Herbal Products
2. Make a Pesticide
You will want to a container big enough to hold 2 litres of warm water to mix it in. Add ½ teaspoon of a mild liquid soap and mix it up and then add 1 tablespoon of Neem Oil slowly into the water while stirring it or slightly shake it up. Now pour some into an old, clean spray bottle of some type or you can buy one.
You can double this recipe but it should be used within 8 hours or it will lose its potency.
3. Label the Solution for Safety
Even though Neem Oil is fairly safe, it could be mistaken for a drink by someone (although it smells like a mixture of garlic and paraffin) so you should always mark homemade solutions in big letters on the container with a permanent marker.
Keep it high up or in a locked cupboard where children can’t reach it.
4. Spray the Plants
Spray all of the leaves (top and bottom) with your homemade pesticide (you can saturate the soil with it, too.) Always spray early in the morning or early evening to avoid scaring off the good bugs and scorching the plant in the hot sun.
Make sure to shake it while spraying to keep it mixed well and repeat spraying them once a week or more if it rains.
It will not instantly kill the insects until they bite into the leaf but it will instantly repel them with its strong smell.
Neem Oil pesticide has been known to kill and control aphids, moth larvae, spider mites, whiteflies, and Japanese beetles. It will not harm insects that do not chew the leaves like butterflies, ladybugs and bees. It also prevents fungi.


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