Good News Stories from our Customers

My family swear by your Tummy Tea. My son has had his gall bladder remove. When he is not well, he drinks the Tummy Tea and within 10 minutes is feeling much better and able to work. My mother is 89 years old and when her tummy is not behaving, she has the Tummy Tea and within the first half hour after drinking it, she experiences great relief.

Thank you for recommending your tummy tea. It has helped with my acid reflux as well as helping my bowels to move more regularly.

Sting Relief cream soothes my child’s mosquito bites. It also reduces the swelling.

Hi there, the Skin Relief product I got from you this morning stopped the itch on my fingers. Thanks very much.

I bought some Skin Relief cream which I am using on my legs. The doctor diagnosed me as having solar dermatitis, but the dermatologist calls it a type of eczema due to very poor circulation in my lower limbs. Apart from sun damage I have very dry and peeling skin. I have been searching for a cream that will alleviate the problem. I am finding that the Skin Relief is marvellous and is keeping my skin rehydrated very well. I am using it morning and evening.

Dear Sue,I am thrilled with the creams you have made up especially for me.
So far I have only used the 500ml jar.One of the problems is that I need to apply to all of my body which uses a lot for each application.
I limited myself to the arms and legs which itched the worst. My back which did not itch as much now is itching more not having had your cream.
Now I am rubbing it in everywhere. My skin no longer has that parched, dry flaky feeling which itches like crazy.

Customer at Shongweni Farmers Market

I am from Gauteng and bought your beard oil when I was down last year. I forgot it at home this holiday and my beard is not feeling the same. It softens my beard and has such a fresh aroma. (His wife agreed. She loves his soft luxurious beard)