Drying milk thistleHerbs (Single)

African wormwoodHerb: African Wormwood/ Wilde als
INCI: (Artemisia afra)
Internal: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antidepressant, blood cleanser
External: Poultice for pain; cleansing body wash
Domestic: Spray to kill moths, aphids and mites
Cosmetic: a poultice of leaves will draw pimples and boils
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

BuchuHerb: Buchu
INCI: (Agathosma betulina / Barosma betulina)
Internal: Kidney and bladder issues, kidney stones, arthritis, urinary tract infections
External: To remove smell of fish from fisherman’s hands; steeped in vinegar-used for sprains
Domestic: Broth/soup, has been used to make buchu brandy
Cosmetic: used in the perfume industry
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

CalendulaHerb: Calendula
INCI: (Calendula officinalis)
Internal: anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-bacterial, reduces small ulcers in the mouth
External: cuts, grazes, fungal infections, nappy rash, improves digestion,
Domestic: Boiled flowers produce a pale yellow dye
Cosmetic: Added to creams they soften the skin
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

Cancer bushHerb: Cancer Bush
INCI: (Sutherlandia frutescence)
Internal: A multi-purpose tonic that helps the body mobilise it own resources to cope with diverse physical and mental stresses.
External: Unknown
Domestic: Unknown
Cosmetic: Unknown
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

ChamomileHerb: Chamomile
INCI: (Matricaria recutitia)
Internal: anxiety, IBS, colitis, insomnia, digestion, colic. Excellent tonic & sedative
External: Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory when applied to the skin.
Domestic: Add to granadilla juice and chill for soothing drink
Cosmetic: facial steam-reduces puffiness and cleans pores
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs
ChickweedHerb: Chickweed
INCI: (Stellaria media)
Internal: Rheumatism, inflamed joints, soothes urinary system, gastric and peptic ulcers
External: Boils, varicose veins, warts, eczema, contact dermatitis, nappy rashes
Domestic: A vegetable or salad green
Cosmetic: Varicose veins, stimulates hair growth
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

ComfreyHerb: Comfrey
INCI: (Symphytum officinale)
Internal: gastric & duodenal ulcers; chronic bronchial disease; congested lungs; IBS
External: Psoriasis, eczema, bed sores, varicose veins, ulcers, arthritis, sprains, sore breasts
Domestic: Excellent fertilizer for tomatoes and potatoes
Cosmetic: Unknown
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

Dandelion leafHerb: Dandelion Leaf
INCI: (Taraxacum officinale)
Internal: Helps liver detoxify poisons; improves appetite and digestion
External: Soothes chronic joint and skin complaints including acne, psoriasis and eczema
Domestic: Add to soups and stews; compost nourishment
Cosmetic: Prevents age spots
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

EchinaceaHerb: Echinacea
INCI: (Echinacea puppurea)
Internal: Boosts immune system and lymphatic system; helps clear chronic infections
External: Treats herpes, acne, psoriasis and infected injuries. Gargle for sore throats.
Domestic: Excellent foliar feed
Cosmetic: All spots, sooths cracked lips & fingernails
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

ElderflowerHerb: Elderflower
INCI: (Sambucus nigra)
Internal: colds, flu, mucous, sinusitis, feverish illnesses, upper respiratory tract infections
External: to treat minor burns and chilblains
Domestic: Berries can be made into jam, fruit juice or wine
Cosmetic: Soothes skin irritations, Good for psoriasis
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

HawthornHerb: Hawthorn
INCI: (Crataegus sp.)
Internal: Helps with circulation and heart problems like cholesterol and angina
External: No external uses
Domestic: None known
Cosmetic: An astringent lotion
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

HibiscusHerb: Hibiscus
INCI: (Hibiscus rose-sinensis)
Internal: Treats loss of appetite, Respiratory infections, can control BP
External: Can be used to soothe eczema
Domestic: Soothing, pleasant caffeine free tea
Cosmetic: A final hair rinse-overall conditioner
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

LavenderHerb: Lavender Leaf
INCI: (Lavendula sp various)
Internal: Promotes good health, nervousness, anxiety, tension, hysteria; emotionally balancing
External: Use for burns, sunburn, rheumatism, muscular pain; psoriasis & eczema
Domestic: Insect repellent; keeps away fish moths and mice
Cosmetic: Tonic water for delicate and sensitive skins
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

Lemon balmHerb: Lemon Balm
INCI: (Melissa officinalis)
Internal: Reduces temperature, treats nervous disorders, improves digestion
External: Cold sores, insect bites, shingles, chicken pox and gout
Domestic: Lemon flavour to foods, add to pot pourri
Cosmetic: A steam for greasy problem skin
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

Lemon grassHerb: Lemongrass
INCI: (Cymbopogon citraes)
Internal: Helps digestive problems, relieves muscle spasms. Gentle boost when exhausted.
External: Can be used to treat ringworm, lice, athletes’ foot, arthritis and scabies.
Domestic: As a pot pourri it helps rid smell of smoke
Cosmetic: Excellent wash for oily skin
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

Lemon verbenaHerb: Lemon Verbena
INCI: (Lippia citriodora)
Internal: Brings down fever, fights colds, bronchitis, and eases asthma. Calming& aids digestion
External: Can be used to treat acne, boils and cysts
Domestic: Keeps flies and mosquitoes away. Pot pourri
Cosmetic: Massage oil to soften skin, aids circulation
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

Marshmallow rootHerb: Marshmallow root
INCI: (Althaea officinalis)
Internal: inflammation and ulceration of the digestive tract; expectorant; assists cystitis
External: abscesses, boils, burns, sores, skin ulcers. Reduces inflammation.
Domestic: Fresh root-teething rings for infants
Cosmetic: aids dry skin; to detangle and nourish hair.
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

Milk thistleHerb: Milk Thistle Leaf
INCI: (Silybum marianum)
Internal: General health of the liver. Stimulates lactation in nursing mums.
External: None noted
Domestic: None noted
Cosmetic: None noted
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

PassifloraHerb: Passiflora
INCI: (Passiflora incarnate)
Internal: Helps with nervous, restless sleep disorders, anxiety, neuralgia & irritability
External: None noted
Domestic: None noted
Cosmetic: None noted
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

PeppermintHerb: Peppermint
INCI: (Mentha piperata)
Internal: Morning sickness, nausea, dyspepsia, flatulence, spastic colon, gastritis
External: Ease bronchial and upper respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, itching skin
Domestic: Repels fish moths, ants, aphids and mielie bug
Cosmetic: A good steamer for oily or problem skin
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

PlantainHerb: Plantain
INCI: (Plantago major)
Internal: Diuretic, Heals wounds, Fevers, infections, skin diseases and much more
External: a poultice, gargle, mouthwash and applied to burns, wounds and haemorrhoids
Domestic: young leaves added to salads
Cosmetic: unknown
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

Raspberry leafHerb: Raspberry leaf
INCI: (Rubus idaeus)
Internal: Supports women’s reproductive health-relieves symptoms of PMS, reduces menstrual bleeding and cramps.
External: healing varicose ulcers; eyewash for conjunctivitis
Domestic: Leaves make a good gargle, mouthwash and eyewash.
Cosmetic: Good for varicose veins
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

RosehipHerb: Rose Hip
INCI: (Rosa cannia)
Internal: Respiratory conditions, strengthens immune system, positive effect on cardiovascular system
External: Healing wounds, bruises, cuts, insect bites
Domestic: A delicious tea
Cautions: Not to be used during pregnancy
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

RueHerb: Rue
INCI: (Ruta graveolens)
Internal: Relieve tiredness, anxiety, menstrual pain; starts delayed menstruation
External: infused lotion-drawing poultice for abscesses, boils, skin parasites & lice
Domestic: Sprinkle around plants to repel ants & others
Cosmetic: Can be used as an eye bath
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

Scented pelargoniumHerb: Scented Pelargonium
INCI: (Pelargonium odoratissimum)
Internal: Induces calm, an antidepressant, helps calm stress
External: Pillow stuffed with fresh pelargonium leaves is good for stress
Domestic: Add to foods such as: Apples dishes, jellies
Cosmetic: Infusion of the leaves makes a mild astringent
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

Stinging nettleHerb: Stinging Nettle
INCI: (Urtica dioica)
Internal: Blood cleanser, detoxifier, and diuretic, neutralizes acidity in the body.
External: gout, arthritic pain, neuralgia, nosebleeds, scalp and hair problems
Domestic: Excellent repellent for aphids and mildew
Cosmetic: stimulates hair follicles; clears dandruff
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

ThymeHerb: Thyme
INCI: (Thymus vulgaris)
Internal: lifts mood and induces sleep. An expectorant, relaxant & will soothe bronchitis
External: relieves muscle pain & itching. Gargle for sore throats; mouthwash for infected gums
Domestic: a disinfectant; excellent herbal vinegar
Cosmetic: Can invigorate and stimulate hair growth
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

Violet leafHerb: Violet Leaf
INCI: (Viola odorata)
Internal: Coughs, colds, bronchitis & flu; Decongestant & expectorant
External: Treats throat and mouth infections; treats oily skins
Domestic: Add fresh flowers to salad; companion planting
Cosmetic: Treats fragile thread veins on face
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

WormwoodHerb: Wormwood
INCI: (Artemisia absinthium)
Internal: Anti-inflammatory, tonic to combat exhaustion, promotes digestion
External: treat scabies, cuts and grazes. Used to relieve pain and swelling
Domestic: plant spray against fleas and moths
Cosmetic: poultice to draw out pimples and boils
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs

YarrowHerb: Yarrow
INCI: (Achilea millefolium)
Internal: good diuretic, cleanses the body, reduces water retention and high blood pressure
External: Bathe wounds, varicose ulcers, burns, haemorrhoids & eczema. Reduces inflammation
Domestic: Good mouthwash, facial steam cleaner, tonic
Cosmetic: cream infusion-softens skin
Size: 25g – loose leafed herbs