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Price List November 2017  (Excel format)

Price list November 2017 (Pdf Format)

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14 thoughts on “Price List

  1. Morning. Unfortunately we do not sell this. Please send me your email address and I will do some research for you.

  2. Hi Marguerite. Thank you for your query. We have dandelion leaf tea. And Dandelion root tincture. We have stock of both.

  3. Hi Sangwe, we sell the loose leafed herb. You would be able to grind it into powder yourself. I hope this is helpful.

  4. Hi Christina. We supply two of those herbs, Chamomile and Lemon balm. Unfortunately we are not able to help you with the other herbs. However, we do have an excellent tea which we call Tummy tea. It contains: African Wormwood, Fennel, Lavender, Mints, Comfrey and Thyme. People have reported having good results with this. I hope this is helpful.

  5. Hi there. We stock the Boswelia carterii. Its most well known uses are for depression, cell rejuvenation and respiratory infections.

  6. Hi there. We have taken the bottles off our price list as this is just an added service to our customers. Unfortunately our supplier does not import the 30ml with dropper any more. Kind regards

    1. I am not sure if Consol glass does the droppers, but they are worth a try. We usually ask for a 10 day turn around time once payment has been received. It is usually much quicker than that but this just covers any eventualities. Postnet is a good courier. We do counter to counter which is R99 for less than 5kg.

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