Our Products

Our aim is to source products from ethical suppliers who can guarantee the quality of the products.

The main thrust of our business has always been to supply and use organically grown and dried herbal teas and certified essential oils of the highest quality. Our herbal range includes Single herbs, Combination herbs, Powdered herbs and herbal Teas for Pleasure. Our oils include some which are organic.

We have formulated the following creams and balms ourselves and can guarantee their purity and quality. Skin Relief, Arthritis Relief, Insect Repellent, Sting Soother, Hand and Heel Balm,  Shea, Frankincense and Myrrh. Our Face Range is called Imsulwa, which is a Zulu word meaning “It is Pure”. This was also developed by us over a number of years and tested on ourselves and our family and friends. This is fast becoming our most popular range countrywide.

Our range of tinctures is extensive and continues to grow. We use a ratio of 1:5 for most of them (See the shop to get the exact ratio for your favourite tinctures). We also accommodate people who don’t use alcohol by using vegetable glycerine and purified water in the place of alcohol.