Our Team

Sue Clarke

She has been interested in Essential oils, herbs and natural products for many years. Her interest was sparked by a need to find a way to help a family member who has Vitiligo. This led her to research healthy ways of dealing with it and many other ailments without necessarily having to go to a general practitioner as the first port of call. Her first love is essential oils because so much healing is done through our senses. Essential oils and herbs go together so well as they cover every aspect of our being…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Sue is a teacher by profession, and so a lot of her passion at EHP is in educating others in healthy living practices. This includes body, mind, and spirit health.

She taught and practised Usui Ryoho Reiki for many years until her back broke in 2017.


Nomfundo Zama

Is an unorthodox, intuitive wholistic healer who has a vast knowledge of herbs and ancestral wisdom. She is the other half of Essential Herbal Products, and the owner of our sister company Initiate Wellness, which is an Intuitive healing organization. In Nomfundo’s words “I am an energy healer – through my body, I am able to channel and guide energy. I am a soul doula; in my journey, I have learned to guide myself and those around me in their own journeys through energy healing and mediumship. I am uMkabayi kaGcugcwa, an ancient being that has lived many lives and is today a conduit for spiritual healing and teaching for our generation. Just as importantly, I am a wounded healer. I am my mother’s daughter, healing an insufferable mother wound. I am my father’s son, living in the body of a woman which I have grown to love.”