Our Team

Owners Sue Clarke and Christine Andrews

Sue Clarke, one of the partners, has been interested in Essential oils, herbs and natural products for many years. Her interest was sparked by a need to find a way to help a family member who has Vitiligo. This led her to researching healthy ways of dealing with it  and many other ailments without necessarily having to go to a general practitioner as a first port of call.

Christine Andrews, the other partner started her working career at the National Herbarium in Pretoria. This fuelled her interest in nature and the belief in the power of herbs as a healing force. This has been added to by her association with Sue who sparked her interest in Essential and Carrier oils.

Brad Bowker. The transport of goods to and from the market necessitated muscle Brad, being retired, offered to help and was then infected with the passion to study and make up tinctures.  

Faith Bowker. Is our faithful support person and helps out whenever we need an extra pair of hands.

Brad and Faith