Essential Herbal Products are also the distributors of a range of herbal products for animals including herbs for birds, dogs, horses and racing pigeons.
These products are widely used throughout South Africa. Bird breeders and bird park owners have been happily surprised by the results they have received from these products. Breeders have reported that their birds have produced double the amount of chicks after using the powdered herbs, and bird park owners are pleased with the results after using the whole herb tonic, tinctures and powdered herbs.
The reports that we have received from dog owners have been equally encouraging. The powdered herbs and tinctures are happily eaten when sprinkled over their food-whether they are on a raw or cooked diet, the results are positive.
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Please note that all herbal compositions listed remain the intellectual knowledge of Meridian Herbs.

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Dog Herbal Powders:

Name: Better Breeding powder (80g)
Contains: Alfalfa; Comfrey; Rosemary; Siberian Ginseng; Oats; Sutherlandia; Cayenne
Recommended Dosage: ¼-½ tsp per dog (size dependent) per day