Our Passion for using herbs at EHP

Have you ever wondered why we at EHP are so passionate about Herbs?

Well here are some of the reasons.

It is an ancient form of healing that dates back thousands of years and has been used in many cultures over the years. It was used over 60 000 yeas ago in Iraq. They were used in Medieval Europe. The Egyptian Ebers papyrus of c. 1500 BC is the earliest surviving written account of medicinal herbs from the middle East. The Vedas from around that time also mentioned the use of herbs in their poems. Hippocrates (460 – 377 BC) the Greek “father of medicine” and The Chinese in the first century wrote the Chinese medical text, the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine and Divine Husbandman’s Classic heralded the beginning of Chinese medicine, This has been refined and developed  and Chinese medicine is still practised today. Dioscorides wrote the first European herbal, De Materia Medica. It listed numerous herbs and their uses.

Our ancestors observed the effect of plants on animals and experimented on themselves. In doing so tested the uses and healing benefits or herbs. With all that history and experience herbs certainly have enough evidence to back their effectiveness and has led us to believe are a useful standby when we have health issues. We believe that herbs are able to restore balance in the body and thus effect healing.

They are mentioned many times in the bible as a healing herbs and even mentioned in the creation story in Genesis.

We use them ourselves and have enjoyed better health for it