African Wormwood vs Wormwood

By now those of you who follow EHP will have seen that we sell both African Wormwood and Wormwood. I would like to look at the differences and similarities of these two herbs.

African Wormwood is obviously African and found in the East of the continent as far as Ethiopia. It is one of our most widely used traditional medicines. Wormwood on the other hand is native to Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. It is however cultivated in America and elsewhere in the world.

African Wormwood (Wildeals) Artemesia afra is used mainly for coughs, colds and Influenza. It has also been used to treat fever, colic, headache. earache, malaria and intestinal worms.

Wormwood (Absinthium) Artemesia absinthium, on the other hand is used mainly for: colds, rheumatism, a cardiac stimulant, to relieve flatulence, prevent stomach spasms, to stimulate menstrual flow, pain reliever during childbirth, tonic and is an antiseptic

So now you know why we sell both those products.